CITT – Web & Graphic Design

University of Florida Information Technology (UFIT) Web & Graphic Design unit champions the highest standards for Web presence, design, architecture, development and maintenance at UF to meet the needs of UF’s broad audiences and diverse users.

We live this mission—applying it to the UF homepage, 20 other critical path sites and extensions—and we use it as a base to provide expertise and outreach to UF administration and units.

The Value we Provide

  • Provides excellent sites which are the critical path for the general public to find general information about UF 24/7 with a focus on users—UF Home Page and 20 others with aggregate 8 million page views per month on average.
  • Improves access for users both familiar and unfamiliar with UF to the information they need.
  • Facilitates a more consistent, positive and efficient user experience online at UF that generates new and stronger connections to UF.
  • Extends the reach and effectiveness of UF identity, branding, marketing and communications efforts.
  • Lowers overall costs for UF by providing expert advice, best practice recommendations, policy oversight, training and educational opportunities when appropriate.

How We Accomplish It

  • Regularly review and refresh critical path sites for relevance and usability.
  • Regularly interact with the Web community—internal and external to UF.
    • Conferences, training sessions, tutorials, seminars, blogs, etc.
  • Regularly collaborate with identity, branding, marketing, news, and communications colleagues.

Further information can be found on the website: Webservices