Having your lectures recorded and available online is not only useful but extremely easy to do. Each of our supported classrooms is equipped with a webcam with built-in microphone and a variety of installed software on the classroom computer that can be used to capture a lecture, stream your class, or conference in guest speakers.


(formerly Camtasia Relay)

For basic ad-hoc lecture capture, we recommend using TechSmith Relay, which is pre-installed in all of our classrooms.  This software allows you to record audio and content being displayed on the computer.  Your recording can then be uploaded online and linked in your Canvas course page.  A Techsmith Relay Storage Profile can be obtained by filling out this request form  Wireless lapel microphones are available for checkout if you find the installed webcam microphone insufficient.


Mediasite recorders are available in a number of rooms for more advanced, scheduled lecture capture.  These recorders allow you to capture audio, camera video, and content from the PC, your laptop, or the document camera. In addition, Mediasite recorders allow you to do live streaming of your course.  Please visit for more information on Mediasite or to see a list rooms that are Mediasite ready.


The installed webcam can be used with a number of different programs such as Skype, Google Hangout, Adobe Connect, etc. to facilitate a video conferencing session for distance education or online collaboration.  A few of these applications are already installed on the classroom computer.  If you would like to use a program that is not already installed, please let us know.


If you have any questions about the available technologies mentioned above, please email  If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with a technician, please fill out the appointment request form here