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With the successful adoption of iClicker Cloud across campus for students and faculty we will be removing all physical learning response systems from our classrooms.

                                  iClicker Cloud will still be offered and free for all UF students, instructional faculty, and staff. For more information on iClicker Cloud please reference this page below.

The iClicker Cloud app is free for all UF students, instructional faculty, and staff. Because the iClicker service is now cloud-based, students no longer have to purchase iClicker remotes.

The iClicker app ensures that every student has a voice in the classroom and enables interactions and feedback in large classrooms. The iClicker Cloud app is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded in the Google Play or Apple stores.

Resources for instructional faculty are on this page. However, anyone needing assistance is welcome to contact the UF Computing Help Desk’s e-Learning Support team: 352-392-HELP or learning-support@ufl.edu.

iClicker Resources

For Instructors:

Download iClicker Cloud - If you are running Windows click on no to the question about admin privileges.  This will direct you to the download for the desktop application. The login credentials used for your instructor account will also work to log you into a student account.  Student accounts have a 14-day grace period. 

Checklist: Getting Started with iClicker Cloud - This article contains information on setting up your instructor account, managing settings, information for students, syllabus information, and more.

iClicker Cloud Polling Question Types - This article includes a description of the functionality of each question type.

Instructor Guide:  iClicker Cloud Roster & Grade Sync with Canvas

How to Run Practice Sessions in iClicker Cloud - Practice as the student and instructor at the same time. 

iClicker Cloud Training - A recorded training session approximately 40 minutes in length.  

Geolocation - Sample syllabus language when using the geolocation feature: This course will be using iClicker's geolocation feature. This means that you must be physically present in class to be counted as present and to answer the iClicker questions. You must grant the iClicker app permission to share your location the first time you use the feature, and you can then choose to turn this permission off until your next class session. For additional information regarding iClicker Cloud Attendance, please visit Student Privacy with iClicker Cloud Attendance Geolocation. 




Getting Started

Getting Started

How to Manage iClicker Cloud Course Settings  

iClicker Cloud Student System Requirements

How to Create and Manage Assignments in iClicker Cloud

How to Create an iClicker Student Account - This article includes information on how to register a physical remote.


How to Help Students Stay on Task with iClicker Focus (Enable iClicker Focus to help reduce distractions for mobile/laptop users)  

How to Add an Instructor's Course

iClicker Cloud Polling Question Types


How to Ask and Grade Target Questions in iClicker Cloud


How to Share Your iClicker Cloud Course with a Co-Instructor or TA


During Class

During Class

How to Run a Polling Session in iClicker Cloud

Student Guide: iClicker Focus

How to Run a Quiz Session with iClicker Cloud

How to Participate in a Poll

How to View Attendance with the iClicker Cloud Desktop Software

How to Participate in a Quiz

How to Run an Exit Poll in iClicker Cloud


After Class

After Class

How to Grade and View Polling Results at the iClicker Cloud Instructor Website

How to Participate in an Exit Poll

How to Grade and View Quizzing Results at the iClicker Cloud Website 

How to View Course History and Session Results

How to View Exit Poll Responses

How to Use Study Tools

How to Use the Gradebook on the iClicker Cloud Instructor Website


How to View and Edit Student Scores at the iClicker Cloud Instructor Website


How to View and Manage Attendance Data in iClicker Cloud 


Additional Information

Additional Information

iClicker Cloud Mobile Instructor App User Guide - Use your smartphone as a remote to control iClicker Cloud

How to Complete an Assignment

iClicker System Status Page - View or Subscribe for System Outage Reports

Can I change my username or delete my account?

Contact Customer Support - Search our Support Site or contact Customer Support

Troubleshooting Your iClicker Cloud Student Account


iClicker Reef Attendance Geolocation Tips (For in-person classes only) 


Contact Customer Support - Search our Support Site or contact Customer Support