LSS – Learning Space Support

The Learning Spaces unit facilitates teaching and learning in the University of Florida through the use of Classroom support, Audio/Visual Installation, Computer Classrooms and Labs, and Video and Collaboration Services. LS:

  • Provides immediate on-site classroom technology support to faculty.
  • Upgrades, designs, and renovates classrooms to create improved effective learning spaces.
  • Provides professional audio/visual systems design and installation work, for existing facilities, renovations, and new construction.
  • Maintains nine computer classrooms with a variety of physical layouts, including dedicated PCs and dual-boot Mac/PC computers.
  • Maintains videoconferencing systems, rooms, and support, including virtual conference room multi-conferencing support.
  • Provides computer classroom learning environments, walk-in computer labs, and large computer-based testing environments.

AT manages computer classrooms, labs, and provides consulting support.