Workspace Inventory & Refresh For UFIT

Workspace Inventory & Refresh (WIR) is responsible for managing the inventory and refresh cycle for all UFIT employee workspaces.  WIR strives to meet the computing needs of UFIT employees while following all UF Asset Management rules.

UFIT Workspace Equipment

UFIT employees are provided one standard computer workspace setup consisting of:

  • UFIT standard laptop
  • Docking station
  • Two 24" LCD monitors
  • Surge protector
  • Wired USB keyboard
  • Wired USB mouse
  • Wired headset with microphone
  • Webcam

When a UFIT employee works in mutiple locations, it is expected they will travel between those locations with their laptop. The employee's supervisor will determine where their workspace peripherals will be located, and they will not be assigned duplicates for the alternate location(s). For example, if a UFIT employee splits their working hours between their home and an on-campus office, they will not be assigned multiple docking stations, webcams, headphones or other UF equipment.

Computer Naming Format

When a computer is issued to a UFIT employee, the name is already assigned.  Even if an employee is reimaging the computer or uniquely setting it up to support official UF business, the assigned name must be used.

All UFIT desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, etc. follow a standard naming format:

  • IT-[UFIT Unit]-[Unit subgroup, optional]-[Service description] Number [Operating system type]

UF Equipment Policies 

All equipment issued to UFIT employees is owned by UF, and thus falls under all UF policies, standards, directives, proceedures, etc.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
  • Software Copywright Policy
  • Identifying, Decaling and Maintaining Attractive Property - The UF (MyAssets) decal must not be removed from the machine.
  • Off-Site Certifications - All UFIT mobile computing devices are identified as attractive and off-site property, and thus the individuals who have been assigned that equipment must fill out an off-site certification form. These individuals are notified of this via email when they first issued the equipment, and on an annual basis (starting every July 1st). 
  • Foreign Travel Any UF property that will be transported outside the United States must receive authorization prior to travel via the Foreign Travel Request.
  • Disposing of Attractive Property - return all UFIT workspace equipment to WIR for proper inventory disposal per UF Policy
    • Lost or Stolen Property - the University Police Department must be notified immediately to obtain an incident or police report, whichever is applicable.  If the item is a mobile device that may contain Restricted Data, the Lost or Stolen Mobile Device proceedure must also be followed. 
  • Termination of employment with UFIT (even if transfering to another UF unit) - the employee must turn in all UFIT equipment to their supervisor.  Per the UF HR Employee Offboarding Checklist, it is the supervisor's responsiblity to collect all UF-owned equipment.  After the supervisor has collected the equipment, they should submit a help ticket to WIR so it can be returned to UFIT workspace inventory for resuse or disposal as appropriate. If the equipment is not returned, it must be classified as stolen (see above).

Workspace Repair

If you are having an issue with your machine enter a Help Request ticket. Do not attempt to repair the computer hardware or install parts into the machine yourself.

TSS will diagnose the issue, and as appropriate: have it repaired without voiding the warranty or they will contact the manufacturer or WIR for replacement hardware.

Don't wait to report a swollen laptop battery.
Don't wait to report a swollen battery

Swollen Battery

If your laptop's battery is swelling - getting larger or misshapen - submit a Help Request immediately.  This is a safety issue and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible, even if your laptop is working with the swollen battery.

Warning signs of a swollen laptop battery:

  • the mouse track pad seems stiff and/or the keyboard keys are sticking
  • the bottom panel of the laptop is separating from the palm rest, and/or
  • you can feel or see a lump where the battery is located under the bottom panel

Do not remove the battery unless TSS directs you to do so.  If this is the case, do not discard the battery connector ribbon; these are not included with newly purchased batteries and are necessary to correctly install replacements.

Returning Equipment

TSS will typically swap out equipment, but if your area has equipment that needs to be disposed of or returned to inventory for reuse, submit a ticket directly to WIR via the Cherwell IT Access Client.

Workspace Refresh & Replacement

  • Funds permitting, UFIT workstations are refreshed on a five year rotation, per UFIT standards. 
  • Replacements for laptop batteries and standard peripheral items (monitors, webcams, and wired mice, keyboards, and headsets, etc.) are on an as-needed basis.

Standard Requests - 5 year refreshes, replacements for non-working standard CPUs, new peripherals, etc. - may be approved by the IT Director or managing designee for the unit:

  • ADI: Nicole Jeffers
  • AT: Mark McCallister
  • BC: Barb Sedesse
  • CERP: Alicia Turner
  • DPA: Jim Freymann
  • ICT: Saira Hassian
  • ISO: Rob Adams
  • RC: Jon Akers

Exceptions - All exceptions to standard equipment setups and refresh cycles must be approved by the unit's IT Director.

  • Emails stating the exception expense have been preapproved by the appropriate Director are appreciated, but the formal approval process must still be completed. 
  • A business justification for the non-standard equipment is required from the supervisor of the employee needing the exception. A few sentences is fine for the explanation of the business need.
  • The equipment availability and cost estimates will then be formally routed by WIR to the appropriate IT Director or Associate CIO for their explicit approval.