Using the Podium Keypad

  • ON/OFF - Projector buttons will flash for 60 seconds indicating it is either warming up or cooling down. While the light is flashing you will not be able to turn on or off the projector until the flashing cycled is finished
  • COMP - If projector is not displaying PC press the Windows key + P on your keyboard and select duplicate or select extend for presenter view
  • AV MUTE - Will make the projection screen black without having to turn off the projector. Pressing again will disable it
  • VOL - Will adjust all audio sources. If room is equipped with a Microphone, you will need to turn down the MIC↓ before turning volume up in order to avoid feedback
  • LAPTOP - If using a Mac laptop or iPad you will need to provide an adapter in order to utilize the laptop connections at our podiums. When connecting your laptop make sure the VGA or HDMI cable is securely inserted into your laptop. On some laptops, it may be necessary to manually duplicate your screen in order for it to show up on the projector. For Windows laptops press the Windows key + P on your keyboard and select duplicate. For Apple laptops press Command + F1 on your board and change the Arrangement tab to Mirror displays

Download Podium Keypad Guide